Legal Outsourcing

The firm provides legal services to both individuals and businesses (Legal outsourcing firm). Everyday life presents a series of complex dynamics, and often happens to individuals to find themselves in front of varying situations or very hard choices to be made without knowing the possible legal consequences. Here a list of examples of what could happen to individuals:

- Landlord or tenant controversy, or neighbour disputes

- payment requests for unjustified bills, or tax demands

- having to sign documents without fully understanding the legal consequences  

- suffer an injury

- family or succession disputes

In regard to the companies, the market dynamics have reached a level of complexity that does not permit errors or delays. Both in governance processes and company commercial choices, in order to strengthen its position in the market.

In the vast majority of cases, these circumstances involve relevant legal implications. This can considerably affect the company’s life. For example, the contract provision for product delivery and services to their clients, a contract with suppliers or a contract for a goods andservices purchase. Considering the relationship with the employees, remedies to unpaid debt collection, planning of legal procedures, negotiations, consultancy etc. Not least, the need of keeping up with regulations news which can have remarkable consequences to the business life.

Why choose advisory service and ongoing legal assistance?

Advisory service and ongoing legal assistance proves to be very valuable and useful, not only for companies but also for individuals. Companies will be constantly assisted from a legal standpoint, this will continue throughout business activities and affairs. Individuals will have expert lawyers on their side at anytime they need. Our clients will be guaranteed to have various services for a pre-determined lower price, instead of a single service. 

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